Gymsters follows a unique teaching programme and whatever the child’s age, the classes are bustling with fun activities to develop co-ordination, strength and balance.


Our success is based on a strong belief that creating a broad and valuable range of gymnastic experiences, structured yet fun, helps the child develop physically, emotionally and socially.

The format of each class incorporates the exploration of large motor skills and fine motor skills through the use of floor work, hand apparatus, and circuit-based large apparatus.

In gymnastics, the child's understanding of the basic elements of movement are explored and put together in simple sequence tasks. Emphasis is placed on appreciating control of their own body as well as their ability to progress independently. Ball skills, co-ordination work and body awareness all form an  integral part of gymnastics, from which the child is guided through specific gymnastic skills, in a fun, yet structured way.

The BAGA Award scheme is also covered.